Safety & Security

New to the Cooper River course? Download the venue map and river traffic rules (pdf).

River Traffic

After launching, turn immediately to starboard. Do not cross buoy line. Do not stop on or near the finish line.

Traffic patterns
Row single-file where the shore line is close to Lane 1.

Do not cross the course at any time unless instructed by a marshal.

After the race
Turn sharply to starboard. Do not cross the line of buoys across the course below the finish line.

safety meeting

For Coaches and Coxswains
An informational safety meeting will be held on the morning of the regatta at the boat storage area. It will begin one hour before the start of the first heat/race and run approximately 15 minutes.

At least one representative from each crew is required to attend this meeting for important safety information and updates to the river traffic pattern.

At the meeting, coaches should notify the Chief Referee (or the Chief's representative) of any scratches, crew changes, potential health problems, or boat constraints. All questions about the Regatta’s Rules of Rowing, traffic patterns, and general procedures will be addressed.


The Braxton Regatta, its organizers, and its sponsors are not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged equipment.

Please do not leave your belongings or equipment unattended.